The firm

Our organization bases its philosophy of action under the premises of personalized treatment, agility and precision in the execution of the service, and a rigorous behavior in all the fields of action and relationship with the client.

Business activity

FLM Experts Legals i Comptables has a century-old history, its mission is to offer solutions that add value and success to our clients‘ projects. The great dynamism of the business environment necessarily requires flexibility and agility in the implementation of the service. For this reason, FLM orients its service delivery strategy to a cross-sectional view of the needs of our customers.

FLM has a team of more than 60 professionals from different business disciplines that make up the different professional service areas of the firm. As Crowe Global’s Business Alliance, FLM Experts Legals i Comptables offers collaboration with members of the National and International network in areas such as auditing services, consulting, and specialized legal and tax advice.

Corporate values


We promote a close relationship and communication between our professionals and our clients. We structure and create work teams that allow the appropriate comprehensive advice to their needs and particularities when the matter requires it.


In order to respond adequately to the needs of our clients and to those of a very dynamic service sector, FLM is constantly developing specific training programs for its members.

Ahead of time

We consider a priority the immediate assessment and adaptation of regulatory changes in the operations of our clients and we provide with agility all the novelties that can be useful to them.

Commitment to clients

We understand that a constant and direct relationship with the clients is fundamental, with the objective of knowing in depth their business and personal activity in order to analyze their needs, propose suitable solutions and efficiently fulfill the commitment made.